Our Story


Favourite cake: Carrot cake, though currently a close tie with our coffee & walnut!

Since my first job as a young naive 16 year old I have always enjoyed working within the food industry – I think the free food reeled me in from day one! From waiting tables in independent restaurants and major chains, to then taking up a management role in the delicious Las Iguanas. Since finishing my degree in Events Management, I have worked tirelessly within the Events and Promotions sector alongside a variety of companies, many again being catering and hospitality related – all while pursuing my dream career flying around the world as an international trolley dolly.

Like many females in their late 20’s, I enjoy food. Even more so when said food is combined with friends, family, a strong cup of Yorkshire tea or a large Pinot Noir. Some people say food is fuel, but to me food means so much more. It isn’t just the meal itself, it’s the adventure of finding recipes, the experience of creating new dishes while dancing to 80’s hits around the kitchen, the time out of the day to sit and reconnect with yourself or others and the joy of making memories while bringing friends and family together. ‘One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well’ Virginia Woolf.

All of my event roles since 2012 have been on a self employed basis. I have loved working for myself, being in charge of my own work schedule and all of the organisational aspects that come with that. I have always tied this in perfectly alongside my role travelling the globe with Virgin Atlantic. Being cabin crew for Virgin Atlantic was my dream career from a young age. Eight years of flying the skies has allowed me to explore the world, sample culinary delights from the States to the Far East, shop on 5th Avenue in New York one week and experience thrill rides in Universal Orlando the next. Unfortunately during the Covid 19 Pandemic my role was deemed at risk of redundancy due to the detrimental effect it had on aviation and I was left thinking, what next?

I’ve always wanted to build my own catering business, I’m a foodie, in both eating and cooking, but it’s something I never thought was achievable. After a fairly recent move (northerner committing to the south!) and finally feeling at home, happy, content and settled, 2020’s pandemic showed me life’s too short and nobody knows what’s around the corner. Lockdown brought a detrimental effect to all corners of the working world and gave me time to stop and reflect. Personally, it brought our household days of sadness and uncertainty. With the help of my (amazing) partner, I managed to turn this into the energy and boost needed to change the mindset I once had, to start a new adventure.

I took a leap of faith – my own business, my own catering company. Just like many others, the kitchen has always been my happy place, my escape, and in May 2020, thats when The Hadham Rolling Pin was born.

Katie G x

Just a simple home baker, sharing my passion and hobby with those who love to eat!