What We Do

Something for everyone

I’m a sugar enthusiast, the one that always has room for pudding, no matter what. The second stomach for dessert is fact not fiction. But everyone has their favourites – that’s where The Hadham Rolling Pin comes in.

We focus on offering smaller portions with a wider variety to suit everyones tastes and favourites. As a foodie theres nothing I enjoy more than sharing and grazing, bits of this bits of that and thats what we provide. We are not just another celebration cake business, we produce honest home made favourites from our little home kitchen to you.

All of our products are individually portioned – perfect for grazing and sharing!

All Ingredients used in our products are organic and sourced locally where possible

All of our sweet treats are presented in recyclable sustainable packaging

The Hadham Rolling Pin is just getting up and running, building a client base and getting ourselves known in the local food business. We are concentrating initially on our two starting products but have a game plan to venture out soon.

Have an event coming up, a social gathering, or simply want to treat yourself? Get in touch! I am a little home bakery with a passion and hobby in baking everything, so please contact me for any personal orders or requests!

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