• Week Two Update!

    Wow it’s been busy!

    So I planned to post a little blog update towards the end of last week but after a sudden rush of orders I didn’t leave myself a second to complete one!

    After a day off and some well earned downtime today, I’ve had time to reflect on the last two weeks since launching THRP and the flurry of orders I honestly never expected.

    Going through and reading some of the lovely reviews and messages that customers have been sending, I have felt so incredibly grateful and blessed to have fed so many of your tummies and for every one of my goodies to be enjoyed so much. Receiving an order from Canada this weekend also touched a little nerve, finding my business online and requesting to send our products as a gift to a friend was a lovely surprise!

    What means the most, is that my main purpose of The Hadham Rolling Pin is being enjoyed by every single one of you. I wanted to base the business offering bits of this, bits of that, something for everyone. To bring families together, deciding what each member wanted and looking forward too their weekend treat, individually but together. Friends gathering, socialising, grazing and gift giving.

    Thank you again everyone for your orders so far.

    Thank you for supporting a new small business, I mean that from the bottom of my heart.

    And thank you Graham for being my dedicated delivery driver!

    Actual footage from this weekend

    Now to spend the next week securing our local suppliers!

  • Hello!

    Welcome to my adventure at The Hadham Rolling Pin 👋🏽👩🏽‍🍳 It’s great to have you join us!

    There are a lot of cake makers popping up recently, after 2020 gave us the chance to re-connect with ourselves, our families and to be able to take a step back from the daily madness and have time to ourselves again.

    A career in events and promotions built up from my events management degree, to management positions in the food & beverage industry, all alongside experiencing the world flying as cabin crew for Virgin Atlantic. I’ve learnt that not only am I a grafter, but if I want something to work, I will make it.

    I’ve always wanted to build my own catering business, I’m a foodie, in both eating and cooking, but it’s something I never thought was achievable. After a fairly recent move (northerner committing to the south!) and finally feeling at home, happy, content and settled, 2020’s pandemic showed me life’s too short and nobody knows what’s around the corner. Lockdown brought a detrimental effect to all corners of the working world and gave me time to stop and reflect. Personally, it brought our household days of sadness and uncertainty. With the help of my (amazing) partner, I managed to turn this into the energy and boost needed to change the mindset I once had, to start a new adventure.

    I took a leap of faith – my own business, my own catering company. Just like many others, the kitchen has always been my happy place, my escape, and in May 2020, that’s when The Hadham Rolling Pin was born.

    We’re just getting up and running, building a client base and getting ourselves known in the local food business. We are concentrating initially on a few starting products but have a game plan to venture out soon.

    Follow us on Instagram for all our updates ☺️

    And keep your eyes peeled for us 👀

    Katie G, at The Hadham Rolling Pin x

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